Duda is confident that he will vote voters of the eliminated candidates

The current President of Poland Andrzej Duda believes that the second round of elections of the head of state for him to vote the voters of the candidates who reached the second round.

The data of exit poll, conducted by the sociological laboratory of Ipsos, suggests that Duda and the opposition candidate Rafal Trzaskowski came out in the second round of the presidential elections which will take place on 12 July.

Speaking at his election headquarters after the announcement of the survey results, Duda said that he hoped the vote not participating in the second round Vladislav Koshinaka-Reeds (Polish peasant party). "I have no doubt that voters Vladislav Koshinaka-Cane look at family values the same way as I do," said Duda. During the election campaign the incumbent President, in particular, has promised not to allow same-sex marriages and adoption of children by same-sex couples.

He also hopes voters Krzysztof Bosak and the coalition of nationalists and eurosceptics "Confederation". "It (Bosak - ed.) voters, especially young people, would like to a lot of the issues were resolved faster. But we have one goal – a strong Poland, Polish interests in the first place," said Duda.

Appealing to leftist voters, who were represented by Robert Bedron, Duda stated that, despite many conceptual differences, a significant place in his program is "care about the common man, working hard every day".

While Duda did not miss the opportunity to level criticism on his rival in the second round. He recalled that Trzaskowski is Deputy head of the party "Civil platform", the government which (until 2015 – ed.) adopted a number of unpopular measures, in particular, raised the retirement age.

Addressing his constituents, Duda has promised that by the end of his new five-year presidential term, the average salary in the country will reach 2 million euros. "In Poland should earn, at last, as in the rich countries of Western Europe," he said.

In turn, Trzaskowski, speaking to his supporters, said he hoped to sway all the voters who did not vote in the first round for Dudu.

"This result (Duda, according to the exit poll, has received 41.8% of the vote) suggests that over 58% of our society wants change," he said. "I will be your candidate I'm the candidate of change," said Trzaskowski.

According to him, the second round of voting is not just a choice between him and Duda. "It will be the choice open between Poland and Poland, which, unfortunately, is constantly looking for the enemy... (the Choice between - ed.) those who, like me, seeking understanding, and those who constantly seek conflict," said presidential candidate.