In Kalmykia extended mode isolation

The mode isolation in Kalmykia extended to July 12, stated in the decree of the President published on the Agency's website.

In Kalmykia, a regime of isolation is valid till June 28, while the region at the beginning of June moved to the second phase of the lifting of restrictions – open markets, street trading and previously closed stores, since June 9, was resumed work of public transport, from June 21, resumed the work of the departments of IFC, hotels and beauty salons.

Earlier in the decree of 21 June was said to extend the restrictive measures until June 28.

"Paragraph 1: in paragraph one the words "28 June 2020" to replace with words "July 12, 2020", - stated in the decree Hasikov.

According oberstab region, on June 28, in Kalmykia was 1481 cases of coronavirus infection, including 19 in the last day. Recovered 1132, 25 died.

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