Volodin has commented on the construction of an infectious center in Saratov

The construction of a new infectious diseases hospital in Saratov may be delayed because the provincial government failed to raise the necessary funds for this project and they have to find with the purchase of the equipment 1.32 billion, said the speaker of the state Duma, a native of the region Vyacheslav Volodin.

Earlier, the authorities encouraged business and citizens to participate in raising funds to support the construction of a new infectious center. The regional authorities planned to put the object into operation in September. Volodin said earlier that the construction of infectious diseases hospital in Saratov is estimated at 1.2 billion, about a billion rubles will be required for the equipment and promised to help to find half the funds for the construction of the medical center. Its construction with the support Volodina region 462,2 million rubles allocated by the budget of Moscow.

"Say.. that infectious hospital will cost 1.2 billion (rubles), and now they give me the paper, where infectious hospital already 1.6 billion... If you have cash today, together with those who promised to find... 800, and you (the region) do not have another 800... So you just tell the contractors that they planned and did it in a form that will allow you at least a contour of the heat to close" - said Volodin on video, published in the account of his supporters in Instagram.

"You will need to find at least those missing 800 million for construction and installation works, plus a need for equipment 520 million because the piece of equipment you put that there. Here in the amount of see what the figure is 1.32 billion where it is necessary to look for," he added.

Volodin said that the regional authorities managed to collect only 198 million rubles to charity and sponsorship funds, along with materials. The speaker also criticized regional officials, otraportovali about the plans to hand over the hospital in September.

"What Sep if you have property nezainteresovani? So you need to take and just to say that you could not collect the funds or find funding. Therefore, the right is the only option to use, try to incorporate financing the missing part at the expense of means of the Federal budget," he said.