Saakashvili said that Russia is ahead of Ukraine in deregulation

Russia is ahead of Ukraine in deregulation, the head of the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian national Council of reforms, ex-President of Georgia, former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

"You mentioned Russia. I looked, I really very frustrating. The deregulation (of the economy – ed.), Russia has gone far-far ahead of Ukraine... Speaks Russian official says: "We can't help with money, but we can do that will ease the burden of this." This is exactly what I am saying here, but for some reason don't hear the rhetoric of Ukrainian officials. What the Russians need us (Ukrainians – ed.) to get ahead?" – Saakashvili said in an online conversation with the owner of the company UBC Group Igor Gumenny. Video published in the YouTube channel of Saakashvili.

Also, the former head of Georgia said that Russia is ahead of Ukraine including in the tax system.

"And our tax system and under this system they are ahead. Let's talk as it is. They are much more listening to the business than we are in terms of our democracy," said Saakashvili.