On lake Baikal appeared the ship, able to purify water from petroleum products

The first eco-tanker-the tug "hero of the Soviet Union Georgiy Moskalev", able to purify water from petroleum products, I pulled the trigger Sunday on lake Baikal in Buryatia, the press service of the President.

According to her, the ceremony was held in the village of Turka Baikal area. Environmental the ship is able to fuel and oil boats, make for the disposal of both liquid and solid wastes as well as sewage and petroleum products from other vessels. And most importantly - to recycle and clean the oil sludge and waste water to flush is clean water in lake Baikal.

"Today, the lake is operated by many vessels, but an effective system of water purification from oil products that must be disposed of, was not. We have created a unique vessel which can take and liquid waste is bilge and poslaniye water (water used for marine installations, which is polluted and drained overboard - ed.) and municipal solid waste. The ship is still a bunker, it is able to refuel other ships. It is specifically designed for lake Baikal. And on all inland waterways of the country, on the Volga, the Neva of such vessels have not yet been", - the press service quoted the head of Buryatia Alexey Tzudenova.

He noted that the decision on construction of ecological vessel was taken in 2017. The vessel was built in two years under the state contract PJSC "East-Siberian river shipping company" in amount of 625 million rubles by the order of PKU "Recompute" Rosmorrechflot.

Length of the new vessel is 51.6 metres, width of 10.23 meters, side height of 2.6 meters and draught of 1.80 meters. The tanker is the bunkering barge will operate a crew of seven people.

New environmental vessel will be cruising on lake Baikal, approaching in places of the greatest accumulations of water transport. This will greatly reduce the amount of sewage and dry waste are polluting the lake. Environmental the ship transferred to the operational control of the FBI "the Administration of the Baikal-Angara basin inland waterways".