The only Russian policeman Corgi retired

Russia's only police dog breed Corgi, who lives in Nizhny Novgorod and is in the transport police, where he helps with the search of drugs, went on a holiday, according to the page service dog in Instagram.

Earlier, citing the website of the joint editorial interior Ministry reported that its certification service Corgi named Red received in 2013 at the age of two years. The dog is in management of transport in the Volga Federal district and best of all detects drugs of different types. In an unusual police has its own page in the network Instagram, where it can be found on the query "Ginger police officer".

"In accordance with the order of the head of UT MVD of Russia in PFO I will no longer serve in the police. I now, friends, a veritable pensioner. But despite this, bored I still don't have. I plan to keep exercise as before. And maybe even try to learn a new discipline (e.g., dance)," - said in the message posted on the page corgi_police_dog in Instagram.

It is reported that the owner of Red will continue the service with a dog named ziger. Shortly, after special training, to join them in the Wrapper – "black dog with an excellent nose".

According to the author of the blog, red's Corgi for the year came almost 13 thousand new friends. Per day last post gained about 16 thousand views. In the comments dog congratulations on the retirement, and please continue to the page in Instagram.