Norilsk Nickel commented on the pumping techwadi at the processing plant

The leadership of the Talnakh enrichment plant, where a leak of process water, made a gross violation, the press service of "Norilsk Nickel".

Earlier in the MOE reported that on Sunday morning he received information about the leak an unidentified liquid in unauthorized pumping from the tailings pond in the area of Talnakh concentrator Norilsk. According to authorities, there is a danger of falling waste into the river Heraelf. SK and Rosprirodnadzor check the information about the reset process waste in the tundra zone. The Prosecutor's office and the SC began checking.

"June 28, 2020 to prevent possible emergency situations connected with increase of water level in the settling pond tailings, the management of the Talnakh concentrator (PAC) decided to pump the clarified process water to the surrounding area. Thus was committed a gross violation of the rules of operation of the tailings of the factory. The responsible entity of the Pacific fleet suspended from his duties", - is spoken in the message.

According to the press-service "Norilsk Nickel" has begun an internal investigation of the incident. The company cooperates with Rosprirodnadzor and the Ministry of emergencies to monitor the situation and assess the consequences.