Military expert revealed the details of the flight "swarm" in military aviation

Former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops of the air force Sergey Kotylev in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" told about the features of techniques of the "swarm" in military aviation.

According to the military, the technology of "swarm" or "flock" is not new, and has been applied on the aircraft after working on the drones.

"We have it worked out on the MiG-31 is a rocket aviation complex of interception. It has the opportunity to observe almost 500 square kilometers of airspace," — said the source station.

These flights were performed by a group of four aircraft, explained Khatylev. The whole "pack" controls 500 km of the front, however one of the MiG-31 has the same features. Therefore, in the course of the flight peaked locator one of the aircraft, which transferred all data to the rest of the group closed on the channel.

"That is, they did not find, but had all the information. And they were able to direct their