Butina has compared the punishment in Russia and the United States for trying to vote twice

For trying to vote twice journalist of TV channel "Rain" Pavel Lobkova in the US would have waited for the criminal term, heavy fine and community service, not administrative punishment, as in Russia, said released from us prison Russian Maria Butina, which was included in the new composition of the Public chamber.

Earlier Lobkov said that voted on the site and remotely via electronic voting. Bulletin Lobkova at the site revoked, will be taken into account only his electronic voice, the urn with his sealed ballot. Of Moscow police began an administrative investigation after reports Lobkova trying to vote twice. Deputy head of Moscow election Committee announced that the deliberate attempt to vote twice is a penalty of 30 thousand rubles. The CEC Chairperson Ella Pamfilova has called such attempts at provocation.

"The CEC says that it was a provocation, and it "shines" for this "administrativka" and a fine of 30 thousand rubles... whatever happened with that person in the United States... different States have different punishments for trying to vote twice, but as a rule... a punishment, and this penal period. In 2012 in the United States in Arizona American just tried, did not vote and tried to vote twice - for this he received 4575 dollar fine, plus 117 hours of community service," said Butina briefing on the OP of the Russian Federation.

Member OP the Russian Federation also cited the example of punishment 62-year-old American who tried to vote twice in different States, for which he received almost 2.5 thousand dollar fine and a year in prison, which was later replaced by a suspended sentence and a year of supervision.