The United States urged the European Union to get rid of Chinese equipment for inspection

US authorities are trying to convince European governments to get rid of screening equipment from the largest Chinese manufacturer Nuctech Co., so as to expand the company's presence in Europe, allegedly poses a threat to Western security and business, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing caught in the disposal documents.

According to the newspaper, the national security Council of the United States and several official agencies are now trying to rally European governments to "eradicate" the presence of Nuctech, a company that has been manufacturing screening systems for screening cargo, baggage and passengers at ports, airports and at border crossings throughout Europe.

According to the document of the US state Department dated 26 may, American officials are concerned that Nuctech may transfer personal data and commercial information to Chinese authorities. In addition, the paper reported that the company raises concerns related to the safety of citizens and military vehicles among the countries-members of NATO.

According to the document of the Department of state from may 8, Nuctech is now fighting for business in more than ten European countries. One of the last countries that entered into a contract for the supply of equipment from the company, according to the newspaper, was Finland. She set the scanners for goods on the border with Russia, despite the impact of the American diplomats. It is noted that the company was the only bidder on a contract that reduced the price of the equipment, and the Finnish customs found no reason related to the impact on the security, to deny the company the contract.

According to the newspaper, the company Nuctech managed to push their American and British competitors in dozens of countries. According to the state Department, the success of Nuctech was associated with the sale of goods below their market value.

Now American diplomats are trying to prevent the conclusion of contracts with the company in Greece, Hungary, Italy and Portugal, as well as the attempt "to provide the Ministry of defense of Germany x-ray scanners for cargo and equipment for remote screening", which, according to American officials, can be used in operations against US troops and NATO. However, the newspaper notes that the company has already set up his equipment for inspection of goods in the most important European borders, including with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

The company Nuctech say they do not know about the US efforts against it. According to the company, Nuctech operates independently, receiving no support from the state. It is noted that the company does not pose any threat to security.

"All data received by our devices, belong only to our clients: neither we nor the member States of the EU, in any case, the government of China or any other unit", - the newspaper quotes words of the representative of the company Robert barefoot.

At the same time, the state Department spokesman said that the U.S. "continues to urge its allies and partners to protect themselves from companies who are seriously financed authoritarian regimes".