The police checks the fact of a brutal murder of a husky near Chelyabinsk

The police checks after the murder of husky dogs in the Sosnovsky district of Chelyabinsk region, a murder suspect detained in relation to him already compiled two administrative reports, reported on Sunday a press-service gumvd of Russia in the region.

In the video posted on the social network "Vkontakte" on the page dedicated to the Chelyabinsk, shows footage of two women walking dogs in the Sosnovsky district (video shot one of the women). Presumably, one of the dogs, a husky, found a dead duck, grabbed it, but later left and ran out of the bushes to the side of the sand pit. On the other side of the quarry was a man with a gun, shouted to the women that the duck it, and then shot him three times in the dog. The dog died, the woman began to shout to the man, why he did it, and he disappeared behind the quarry.

"The police Sosnovsky district detained a suspect in the murder of a dog, the man 1979 year of birth... On the fact of cruel treatment of animals further inspection is carried out with the adoption of the procedural decision within the statutory deadline," the message reads.

Currently, in relation to men is composed of 2 administrative report on articles 20.8 (violation of rules of production, storage, transportation, carrying, or registration of arms and ammunition...) and 20.13 (shooting guns in designated areas in contravention of the rules or in not designated areas) of the administrative code of the Russian Federation, specified in the message. According to police, the maximum sanction article provides for an administrative fine up to 100 thousand roubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days, respectively.

Materials are directed to court for consideration on the merits, says the interior Ministry.