Serbs celebrate the anniversary of the historic battle on Kosovo field near Pristina

Over thousand Serbs solemnly celebrate near the town of Pristina anniversary of the historic battle with the Ottoman Turks on Kosovo field, the event passed without incident, reports Agency Tanjug.

One of the most important Serb holidays of Vidovdan (St. Vitus day) on the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo Polje on 28 June 1389 by the Ottoman Turks. During the battle, killed Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic and the Turkish Sultan Murad, the event became decisive for the formation of the national philosophy and attitude of the Serbs. Traditionally on this day, Patriotic Serb national symbols are sent to the monument Gazimestan near the former battlefield near Pristina, in the churches the services are held, dedicated to the Kosovo martyrs. The self-proclaimed authorities of the Republic of Kosovo normally inhibit the Patriotic actions of Serbs in the area that cause irritation by local Albanians. On Sunday the event is held peacefully.

"Over thousands of Serbs from different parts of the country have gathered in front of Gazimestan... a Solemn service in memory of the Kosovo heroes celebrated by Bishop Russko-Prizren Teodosi, who called on the Serbs to survive in Kosovo. On the plateau in front of the monument, it was impossible to pass without a protective mask, the order followed by the Kosovo Albanian staff of the police of the breakaway Republic", - reports the Agency.

It is noted that the attendees expressed their disagreement with the pressure of the authorities of Montenegro for Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC). The audience chanted "Milo (Djukanovic, President of Montenegro - ed.) is a thief!" and "Montenegro and Serbia – one family". On Sunday evening at the main temple in Podgorica assigned to the congregation in honor of the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo.

The Metropolitan of Montenegro and Primorsky Amphilochius of SOC in January indicated that the controversial law on religious freedom and position of religious communities in Montenegro is the continuation of the recognition by the authorities of the country kosovoalbanian proclaimed independence of Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia. In his opinion, approved by the authorities in Podgorica, the document will become a model for weaning at Serb patrimonial sites by the Kosovo Albanian authorities in Pristina.

In December 2019, the Parliament of Montenegro, by majority of votes of the ruling coalition approved the law "On freedom of conscience and religion and the legal status of religious communities", which caused a strong public reaction and protests. In the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), the fear that after the adoption of the law will begin the withdrawal of Serbian ecclesiastical property and its transfer unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox world "Autocephalous" Church. Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill urged the faithful to Express support and to write letters to the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro. The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church called on all local churches to speak in support of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

In 1999, armed confrontation between the Albanian separatists of the Kosovo Liberation army and the army and police of Serbia led to the bombing of Yugoslavia (then consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) NATO forces. Kosovo Albanian structures in Pristina on 17 February 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. The self-proclaimed Republic does not recognize Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and several other States.