The current President of Iceland is elected for a second term

The current President of Iceland Gudny Johannesson won the presidential election in the country with a score of 92.2%, according to the results of counting of votes, published by the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV.

Elections were held in Iceland on 27 June, they participated in 168 821 residents. The turnout was 66.9%.

Win Jóhannesson was not unexpected, as the 52-year-old politician, who belongs to no party, was considered the absolute favorite in the election. Competition it was businessman and politician Gudmundur Franklin Jonsson, supported by the 7.8% of the electorate.

Jóhannesson, historian by education, at University he studied Russian and German. For the first time Johannesson has led the country in 2016, becoming the youngest President in the history of Iceland. At the time he was 48 years old. Prior to his election, he taught history at the University of Iceland.