Named products, without which it is impossible to lose weight

Weight loss is impossible without the fiber, so the menu should be a lot of vegetables, said "Evening Moscow" dietitian Elena Solomatina.

She explained that dietary fiber fat is removed.

Dieters should include in your diet different kinds of cabbage, which contains tartronovaya acid, preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into extra pounds. The women suffering from thyroid disease, you should consult with your doctor, as from cabbage they can gain weight.

It is important to drink plenty of fluids and to give preference to vegetable crops in which a lot of water, for example cucumbers.

The nutritionist also recommended dishes celery.

"Those vegetables and herbs that are in the digestion require a lot of power, it's perfect for getting rid of fat calories!" she said.

Solomatina reminded about the benefits of legumes lowering the blood sugar level and giving the feeling of satiety.

To food is to add a variety of spices: black and red pepper, ginger. They contain piperine, capsaicin and gingerol that improve blood circulation and increase body temperature, stimulating the digestion and metabolism.

Suitable vegetable soups — they are low in calories and blunting hunger.

Coffee, tea and cocoa can be drunk with cinnamon and vanilla, which remove the cravings, the doctor noted. In addition, small amounts are allowed dark chocolate, she said.

Potatoes are best consumed boiled and cold, as in this case, the contained starch will not interfere with weight loss. A useful replacement for this product can be a turnip or artichoke, added the nutritionist.

"These root vegetables contain large amounts of nutrients, fiber. They look like potatoes contain less starch. Jerusalem artichokes, also, gives the body insulin, which is a prophylactic of diabetes," she said.

The interlocutor of the edition told that the lovers toast it is better to put bread in the freezer. During cooking, the starch will be modified and not be postponed "on the sides".

Specialist said that losing weight can not forget about the meat.

"It can be boiled chicken breast, rabbit meat, lean beef. Beef is high in iron, which oxidizes the fats, but eating red meat is not more often two times a week. Men are recommended to consume daily a small piece of bacon, it has a positive impact on the prostate gland", she said.

In the first half of day is useful to eat one or two eggs. One option might be scrambled eggs with tomatoes after heat treatment, they contain a lot of lycopene, which gives a lot of energy, improves brain function and physical reactions.

The nutritionist reminded that there is a need to slowly, a meal can start with a small serving of vegetable salad, which will "kill" your appetite.