Lebanon's foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the United States after her criticism of the movement "Hezbollah"

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, the Hittite Nazif called a meeting in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the US Ambassador in this country, Dorothy Shea, which is expected to be protested against intervention in the internal Affairs of Lebanon after an interview in which she criticized the Hezbollah, said on Sunday television channel Skynews Arabia.

According to TV channel, the American Ambassador should visit the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lebanon on Monday at the request of the Minister of foreign Affairs, who is going to mention about the inadmissibility of incitement of the situation in Lebanon.

On Friday, the us diplomat in an interview with broadcasting from Dubai channel "al-Hadas" he accused the Shiite party Hezbollah that it does not make a decision that would help Lebanon emerge from the economic crisis, depriving the country of billions of dollars.

Commenting on the statement of the US Ambassador, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun said on Sunday the TV channel "al-Mayadin" that "the Americans are interfering directly in the internal politics of Lebanon, which is unacceptable".