Test flights of the Boeing 737 Max will commence on 29 June

Test flight tests of the Boeing 737 Max, required for certification of the liner, will begin on Monday, June 29, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

It is noted that the flights will hold Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) in conjunction with Boeing. The head of aviaregister Stephen Dixon has previously said that he personally will carry out the piloting of the model to ensure its security.

It is assumed that training trials, during which will be worked out a series of maneuvers will take three days. According to the newspaper, even if the flights are successful, Boeing 737 Max will have to pass a number of additional regulatory inspections, which can take months. According to sources, the company expects to return the aircraft in operation at the end of this year.

As noted by Reuters, training flights will take place mainly in the airspace over Washington. According to the Agency, during the tests special attention will be paid to the system reliability correction manoeuvre (MCAS).

Flights 737 max paused in the USA and many other countries after crashed two of the Airliners. In March 2019 Boeing 737 max airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, on Board of which there were 157 people crashed near the Ethiopian town of bishoftu, all the people died. In October 2018, crashed the same plane Indonesian Lion Air, the victims of the crash were 189 people.

In October of 2019 a group of international experts JATR (Joint Authorities Technical Review) identified significant deficiencies during certification of the 737 MAX aircraft made by Boeing and the Federal aviation administration of the United States. In particular, according to experts, an important system information correction manoeuvre (MCAS) was submitted to the FAA in full and the regulator has given excessive powers Boeing's certification process.

After the disaster, about 20 countries closed their territory for the passage of aircraft of this model, many airlines have suspended the operation of Boeing 737 max 8. In the United States Federal aviation administration imposed a ban on the exploitation of this model. During the investigation of the causes of the accident were identified errors in the system correction maneuvers. The Boeing company is addressing these bugs and updated the program of pilot training.