Doctor butcher explained how to recognize dangerous moles

The chief doctor of the Moscow hospital No. 71 and broadcaster Alexander mjasnikov has told on air of TV channel "Russia" how to recognize a mole that is able to transform into a melanoma.

According to him, assess the condition of the moles on your body, you can use the system "A, B, C, D, E".

The letter "a" is asymmetry, the doctor explained. Cheerleaders may mole, part of which will not be similar to each other, if you split it in half.

The letter "C" in this system means color – color. According to Myasnikov, malignant nevus, usually unevenly colored.

"D" is the diameter. The size of a normal mole are located within six millimeters.

The "e" in the system signifies the evolution of moles. If it is not growing, not changing its borders, and color, such education usually is not dangerous for the body, the doctor added.

Butchers said that most often suffer from melanoma, white-skinned, blue-eyed and fair-haired people.