Called foods that trigger aging

Dietitian Advisory and diagnostic center "health and sports nutrition" FITS of food and biotechnology Tamara Pranava told what foods should be included in the diet to avoid premature aging.

Harmful nutritionist called highly processed products that contain at least five additives – dyes, flavors, preservatives, thickeners, and others. This category includes hot dogs, sausages, store-bought meatballs and other semi-finished products, pastries, dairy desserts, soda.

Scientists believe that when an unbalanced diet reduced the end portions of chromosomes, the telomeres responsible for aging. According to another theory, aging skin is due to the increase in the number of free radicals in cells. They are formed in particular by heat treatment of used products.

Nutritionist recommended to include in the diet of bread, cereals, pasta from durum wheat, and to consume about 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day.

It is equally important to monitor the quantity and quality of protein. Chicken Burger, smoked sausage or sausage contain as much protein, how many fats and various flavor enhancers, so these products will not make up for a shortage of protein, unlike fish, poultry, lean meat, cottage cheese or eggs, added the doctor.