The Union of insurers has launched a new information system for insurance

A new automated information system (AIS) OSAGO starts to work in Russia Sunday, it will allow to collect, process and store information in a mandatory "avtograzhdanki", said the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI).

Data in the system will be fully available to the Bank of Russia and Federal Executive bodies. And in the next four years, SAR plans to build on the basis of the AIS CMTPL system to collect data on all types of insurance. As noted in the Union, the new AIS has a ten-fold growth potential of performance to support increased functionality in the future.

The establishment of a system of data collection for auto insurance cost the Union 2 billion. The developer is the company EPAM, database it infrastructure provided "infosistemy Dzhet". The creation of this infrastructure took six months.

"With this project we are creating a common platform by connecting to which insurance companies will be better and faster to render services for car owners, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will receive an operational tool for monitoring their work", - said the head of RSA Igor Yurgens. According to him, the system will make the interaction of the participants of the insurance market more transparent.

As noted in the Union, previous AIS OSAGO no longer cope with the volumes of information. RAMI combines the 44 insurance companies that sell policies "avtograzhdanki" in Russia, controls their compliance with the rules and provides interaction. In addition, by law, the Union is obliged to keep all references and source documents for five years – it's millions of files, which will soon turn into billions, it is noted in the SAR.

Earlier in June, the Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir chistyukhin said that the regulator wants to put the question of who should lead database CTP. Among the possible candidates, he called himself the Central Bank, it can also be some organization in the Central Bank. Jurgens expressed the view that AIS insurance must be administered by PCA.