Lviv journalist insulted the Ukrainians and confessed in hatred of the country

Lviv journalist and TV presenter Ostap thrushes in the air YouTube channel ISLND TV insulted the Ukrainians and admitted hatred of his country.

According to Drozdova, he hates Ukraine because of the "idiots" who live there do not want to "do it their country", and in the elections voted for "inhabitant of the bottom." "I have reason to hate their own country, because I was unhappy. I'm a citizen, I grew and developed I all this thirty years globally unhappy people," he said.

The journalist added that the sole purpose of the existence of Ukraine is to be the antithesis of Russia. "Another purpose of the existence of an independent Ukraine. She can always be independent, but Pro-Russian, but then this is not Ukraine," - says TV presenter.

Drozdov known for his controversial statements, including in the Ukraine. So, he compared the residents of Donbass with the animals, called the Russian-speaking population of the country "pledge of war" and said that such people "must disappear as a species".