Prigogine turned to emaciated a hundred kilos Fadeev

Producer Joseph Prigogine turned to his colleague Maxim Fadeev, who lost one hundred pounds. The corresponding video appeared on Instagram-Stories Fadeeva.

"Max, Hey. You do, of course, this morning motivated. I stood on (cross country skiing. – approx. ed.) track have not stood a month probably right. These three kilometer passed, while running will not, to my knees not to hurt. I hope that will continue in the same mode," - said Prigogine.

The producer said that "strictly correct", adding that "urgently needs to throw", and thanking his colleague for motivation.

Earlier Fadeev showed his photos after weight loss. In the caption to the picture, published in Instagram, Fadeev wrote that dropped a hundred pounds. Members marveled at the changes in appearance of the producer and praised him for his strength of will and character.