Appeared video of attack on film crew Sobchak in the monastery in the Urals

In a Network there was video of the brawl, which occurred on the territory of Sredneuralskaya convent in the Sverdlovsk oblast during a visit of Ksenia Sobchak with the crew.

Published on shots it is visible that the journalist long sparred with the nuns and asked him to give her the opportunity to speak with shehurina Sergius banned from serving after allegations of "pseudorandom" COVID-19.

Located on the territory of the religious community of believers tried several times to select the camera from documentarian Sergei Erenkova. According to them, the imagery in the monastery is prohibited.

At some point a fight broke out between one of the team members Sobchak and inhabitants of the monastery. The presenter wanted to help him, but it took the hand of one of the nuns. Sobchak tripped and fell. At this time Erenkova knocked to the ground and took the camera.

Previously Sobchak wrote in the Telegram that she was attacked during the preparation of the material for the investigation of chiyoumen Sergius and the beating in the monastery of children. She later noted that she issued a statement to the police and intends to file lawsuits after the incident.

In the Yekaterinburg diocese stressed that from the first day asked the media not to escalate the situation around Sredneuralskaya convent, where there was a "spiritually unhealthy atmosphere."

In the Russian Union of journalists called the attack unacceptable for Sobchak. While in the cjr has observed that in such closed organizations often need a special permit, which the crew probably wasn't.

Chiyoumen banned in the service after his statement that the situation of coronavirus is a "pseudohandle", the Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation" and deprived of "freedom and work". Now he is under the ecclesiastical court. Because of public statements to father Sergius also brought an administrative case scheduled on July 7.