Venezuela accused the Embassy of Spain in preparing a sea invasion

Marine invasion of Venezuela, which failed to prevent the may 3, was prepared by the opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, a fugitive from justice in the Spanish Embassy in Caracas, said the Minister of communications of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez.

"All the elements of planning, which led to an armed military invasion was planned at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Caracas," - said Rodriguez, speaking at the residence of the government.

Rodriguez noted that the Spanish Ambassador should have been aware of the plans to destabilize the government, which were prepared by Lopez in the Embassy.

"Does the government of Spain, Leopoldo lópez, continues to hold a video conference with a single purpose - to implement their plans to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro? The Ambassador of Spain, so it seems normal?" said Rodriguez.

He appealed to High representative of the Union for foreign Affairs asking whether he agrees with the fact that the Embassy of a member country of the European Union planned criminal actions against Venezuela.

The interior Minister of Venezuela said on may 3 that the authorities had prevented a naval invasion of Colombian militants in speedboats from the state of La Guaira. The head of the constituent Assembly of the country, said that eight attackers were killed. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the purpose of the invasion was killing him, and among the detained participants of attack - two US citizens, which he called personal protection officers of the American President. The US government and Colombia stated that it did not have a relationship to these events.

Leopoldo lópez was sentenced in Venezuela for almost 14 years in prison after been held accountable for the events in 2014, mass protests, which have claimed more than 40 people. From summer 2017, he was under house arrest. At the end of April, Lopez was freed by supporters of opposition leader Juan Guido, illegally proclaimed himself President. Lopez and Guido tried to get the army to act against the legitimate government of Maduro.

The court of Caracas on may 2 cancelled house arrest of Lopez and issued a warrant for his arrest. Currently, the opposition is the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Caracas. He has not requested political asylum. According to Spanish law, you can do it only staying in the Spanish territory. The acting Spanish foreign Minister Josep Borrell stated that Madrid will not allow Lopez was involved in any political activity while he is in residence. Venezuelan authorities have said they will to obtain from Spain the extradition of opposition.