A police officer rescued a little puppy from a pack of large dogs

During a patrol near the railroad tracks employee of the patrol police Sergeant Artem city Paul Mazur heard a plaintive squeal. It turned out that a pack of large dogs attacked a defenseless little puppy. Without hesitation, Paul hurried to help, having driven away the attackers.

The puppy suffered serious injuries. Having given first aid, the police officer brought the animal to a veterinary clinic, the press service of the interior Ministry.

Currently the dog is at a foster home in animal protection organizations. It was a girl, she got the nickname Tiger.

Paul couldn't take the animal home, but at every opportunity tries to visit the pet.

Animal rights activists thanked the police for their kindness in social networks was published with appreciation for his act.

"I want to Express my gratitude to a police officer of the city of Artem: patrolling the route, he saved a little puppy, who was attacked by a pack of adult dogs. The puppy suffered serious injuries. Thanks to the timely help of the police he was in a veterinary clinic and was operated on," wrote animal rights activist Ekaterina Rybalova.

Under her post users have left several dozen positive comments: "thanks to the police for the good heart", "it's Nice to read such news," "Thank you police".