The American Admiral alarmed the Russian submarine in the Mediterranean sea

The commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa Admiral James Foggo was worried because of the activity of Russian submarines in the Mediterranean sea. His words leads edition of Stars and Stripes.

He noted that the modern, quiet diesel submarines Russia equipped with attack missile complex "Caliber", which is capable of hitting "any capital of Europe or Africa." Foggo came to the conclusion that the reason for the extension of the American presence in Europe.

"This points to the need for high-performance permanent naval presence in European waters," he said.

The Admiral also said that Russian submarine in Crimea and the Syrian Tartus significantly strengthen the position of Moscow.

According to him, the US needs to develop a new strategy that will allow the Pentagon to move forward in "an increasingly complex geo-strategic landscape."

The us military has repeatedly complained that Russian submarines were deprived of their fleet "safe Harbor". So, Vice Admiral U.S. Navy to Andrew "woody" Lewis said that the Pentagon has lost the indisputable supremacy in the Atlantic. According to him, Moscow is using the technique with the "more lethal weapons systems", which the us Navy to various operations is becoming increasingly difficult. Lewis added that outside of the main naval base of the Atlantic fleet of the US Navy, military feel "unsafe."

While in the United States has repeatedly stated that the naval forces of the country need to modernize. As he wrote in The National Interest, the U.S. Navy risks losing its competitiveness and the defeat in a possible war with Russia or China. According to experts of the magazine, carrier battle groups, the Pentagon is not enough "radius of action, endurance, vitality, and expertise" to conduct operations at sea.