The researchers found the northernmost artillery battery during the war

The scientific team of the expedition of the Northern fleet in the course of the analysis of satellite imagery found the locations of the Northern artillery during the great Patriotic war in the district of the Taimyr Peninsula, reported the press service of the fleet.

"Two groups of targets in the area of Taimyr Peninsula reliably identified as an artillery battery of the white sea flotilla Northern fleet. We are talking about batteries No. 264 on the Peninsula Mikhailov and No. 265 on the island Nansen", - stated in the message.

The Navy explained that the battery was part of the 93-th separate artillery battalion. They were installed in 1943, when the activity of the Nazi submarine forces posed a serious threat to Soviet communications in the Kara sea. Each battery was four 122 mm guns.

"Satellite images have clearly recognized the primary and alternate gun positions and location of units. The personnel were on duty on batteries until the very end of the war. As follows from the decrypted scientific expedition group in-flight magazine of Nazi submarine U-711, the location of the naval gunners on a desolate Arctic Islands was an unpleasant surprise for the Nazis and forced them to migrate areas of their actions," - said in the Navy.

In August 2020, one of the units of the integrated expedition of the Northern fleet planned to land on the island of the Nansen and Peninsula Mikhailov and together with scientists of the Russian geographical society for the first time after the war to investigate the detected objects "Arctic front".