Theft of Banksy in Paris suspected six people

The French investigating authorities have charged six detainees in the case about stealing the work of street artist Banksy, which was done on one of the back doors of the concert hall, Paris "Bataclan", reports channel BFMTV, citing sources close to the investigation.

The work of Banksy in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on 13 November 2015 stolen in January 2019. The drawing was found during the investigation in Italy.

The TV channel said that the two detained were charged with theft as part of an organized gang, four – in concealment of stolen, all the suspects are in custody, they were arrested in the departments of isère and Haute-Savoie.

The work of Banksy silhouette grieving, lowered his eyes and something like a nun girl, whose head is covered by a hood, not a cloak, appeared at the door "Bataclan" in the summer of 2018. Then photo picture Banksy posted on his account on the network Instagram.

Banksy (Banksy) - artist-mystery-man"catch me if you can" - changed mass performance about street art. His work is directed against politics, war, capitalism, and moralizing become the subject of the hunting of journalists, photographers, vandals, art critics and collectors.

The evening of November 13, 2015 three-coordinated group of terrorists committed a series of attacks in Paris and its near suburb of Saint-Denis. Three jihadists detonated a "suicide belt" at the stadium "Stade de France", which hosted the football match between France and Germany. Another group - presumably of four, one of whom wanted, - attacked cafes and restaurants in the North-East of Paris. Three more hostages seized in the concert hall "Bataclan". In total the victims were 130 people, more than 350 were wounded.