In Chelyabinsk verify the incident with the lawyer, witakowski client on the street

Police in Chelyabinsk checks on the fact of injury by a local resident after a visit to the law firm, told RIA Novosti on Saturday in the press center of the UMVD of Russia in Chelyabinsk.

In one of the Telegram channels posted a video client, which came to a law firm in Chelyabinsk for clarification for their records and for the services the firm paid with its 23 thousand rubles. At this time, on reception at the law firm was an elderly man that also came for the documents. After the lawyer gave him a folder, the client started to read it, at this time, the lawyer grabbed the man and shoved into the doorway on the porch. It is seen that the client hit the railing head, and the leading shoot of the women said that she called the cops.

"From the medical institution has received information about the victim the man, previously diagnosed head injury and concussion. On this fact the police Department, "Kalinin" is checked," - said the Agency interlocutor.

She said that earlier the police carried out checks on the facts of the appeals of local residents who have suffered from actions of this law firm. About results of check of information from the source Agency no.

According to local media reports, the elderly man a few months ago went to the law firm asking to represent him in court, but after six months of inactivity, suspected the firm of fraud and came to pick up their documents.