On a peaceful demonstration against racism in Berlin came more than a thousand people

More than a thousand people attended on Saturday a demonstration of "Black lives matter" in Berlin, the rally ended without incident, reported RIA Novosti the police.

"At the peak of the event was more than a thousand people," - said a police spokesman, noting that any serious incidents have occurred.

The event was held at the police blocked part of the street on 17 June at the victory Column, a monument to soldiers of the unification of Germany in 1871. The goals of the campaign organizers, said the commemoration of the African-American George Floyd, whose death during police detention in may sparked a wave of protests in the U.S. and other countries. In Berlin on 6 June, has already held a large rally against racism, then on Alexanderplatz left over 15 thousand people.

Speeches were made by the organizers, their performances were interrupted by songs and slogans, Black lives matter, No justice - no peace ("Black lives matter" "No justice, no peace," both the slogan used in the US, the fighters against racial discrimination). After the introductory speeches of the organizers asked everyone to speak up to the stage that some of the men did. Most people say about their personal experience of living in Germany, but some raise the issue of the situation of inequality in other countries.

The demonstration was peaceful, clashes with police and there were no conflicts. The police only intervened a couple of times in the course of the action - the guards noticed that the congregation cease to comply with security measures (a distance of half a meter between each other), and told the organizers that will be forced to call on them to end the meeting if the situation does not change. In response, the organizers interrupted the speech and addressed the protesters, urging them to regroup so that the distance between them was observed that the participants meekly complied.

The peace course of action was threatened only once, when one of the speakers - colored road to Berlin began an emotional speech about what the German police is not alien to the systemic racism, saying that she was a victim of such an attack. She was interrupted another speaker, also a black resident of the city, noting that "you can't say that all cops are bad" and to prove it pointed out that the Berlin police helped in organizing the campaign, working on an action place on a hot day in the morning. After that, previous speakers took the floor again, noting that, in her opinion, the problem of the presence of racist attitudes among the police there is that the protesters - among them were representatives of all major races - met with applause. One of the organizers this time away from the stage and went to the police, applauding them, he shouted at them with an apologetic look: "With this I can not do anything". The police listened attentively, but the resentment is clearly not expressed.