Half of the graduates of Russian universities believe in omens, the survey showed

More than half of the graduates of Russian universities believe the student signs and followed them during their studies, according to the study conducted by the Autonomous non-commercial organization "Russia - country of opportunities".

According to the study, at the disposal of RIA Novosti, in the student signs believe 54% of graduates. Of these, 28% had asked friends or relatives to berate yourself during the exam, and 17% put the coin in boot, 16% - put textbooks and books under your pillow, 16 per cent went to the exams in the same clothes and 15% didn't wash your hair before the exam, 14% - has put the record book out the window and called "free".

Among the interviewed graduates 80% at least once received a scholarship during the training. Half of the students stated that they called. Every third believes that he was doing very well. And only 5% of respondents answered honestly, "in University they were "Mr/Mrs-retake".

"Two-thirds of graduates said that worked during training. And regularly were 44%. As for plans for the future, 38% of graduates going to further education... More 40% of respondents are planning to go to work - 24% obligatory, specialty, and 16% where there is a vacancy. Others decided to devote himself to the family, to serve in the army or not yet decided," - said General Director of ANO "Russia - country of opportunities" Alexey Komissarov.

The study also showed what will be remembered by the graduates of 2020, the College years: 82% - found friends, 39% - at least once spent the night in a hostel, 25% - took part in "Student spring", while 25% were volunteers, 23 per cent visited at least one youth forum, and 21% found their soul mate and 20% fell in love with the profession, and 6% played in KVN, 4% - received a grant for their project, 3% of graduates had children while studying at University.

While assessing the walls of the University, graduates said what was wrong with them during training: 54% - practical skills in their chosen profession, and 44% of foreign training, 36% - internships in other universities, 35% - an adequate level of foreign language, 30% - business skills 26% - it technology, 25% - public speaking skills, 17% - skills of project management, 11% of the knowledge in the field of culture and art.

The study was conducted from 24 to 26 June 2020 by an electronic questionnaire (the questionnaire link). Interviewed 8 thousand graduates of undergraduate and graduate from the 67 universities, representing 46 regions of Russia.