The doctor dispelled the myths about tea

Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov took apart popular myths about the tea.

So, often there are allegations that the lovers of strong tea can deal with high blood pressure and heart problems. The doctor noted that the tea is really a lot of caffeine, but recent studies show that over hypertension, this beverage is not connected.

It is also believed that high blood pressure is healthier to drink green rather than black tea. According to Paramonova, there is no fundamental difference, since they are about the same caffeine content.

"The pressure green tea raises are not due to caffeine but due to the volume. It is customary to drink liters. If liters to drink pure water, the pressure will also rise. It's good on hot days to prevent dehydration, but the measure know better", — said the doctor in an interview with "Arguments and facts".

No less popular opinion that the tea should not mix with milk. This combination allegedly interferes with normal digestion.