Sobchak said about the attack on her monastery in the Urals

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak said that she and her crew were attacked in Sredneuralskaya convent in the Sverdlovsk region, when she was collecting material for the investigation of chiyoumen Sergius and the beating in the monastery of children.

"We was assaulted at the monastery. Two people were beaten," wrote Sobchak in telegram channel.

He said that he pushed her so that she fell, and held on, while they beat documentarian Sergei Erenkova.

"The police summoned. All the shooting of the beating they took. The camera took a hefty bug", — said Sobchak.

According to her, beat and former novice of Philip, who told the group that when he was a child, he was abused in the monastery.

Sobchak said that he was gathering material on this subject and there are already some indications of former novices who claim that they were beaten in punishment for the infraction.

In addition, the presenter said that her crew is working on material about chiyoumen Sergius the Confessor Sredneuralskaya convent.

"He's thirteen years served for the murder of a man, came to faith, has tens of thousands of followers. Denies the pandemic and coronavirus, believe in chipping, and a coffin in his cell, instead of using tables", — said Sobchak.

RIA Novosti was unable to promptly obtain the comments of the Yekaterinburg diocese and the police.

Abbot Sergiy (Romanov) was the center of attention when he began to speak in sermons about the fact that coronavirus infection is a "pseudopodia" that the Russians want to lock in the "electronic camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work". After he began to encourage parishioners to take to the streets and protest, the diocese forbade him to preach, but Serge continued preaching. Then, the ruling Archbishop forbade his service. Chiyoumen waiting for the ecclesiastical court.

In addition, Romanov brought the administrative case, will consider it on July 7.

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