In the Kaliningrad region in July kicks off Wellness program

Summer health campaign launches in the Kaliningrad region in the beginning of July: open country camp and camp with day stay of children, reported the press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region.

"Since the beginning of July to start summer health campaign. Open country camp and camp with day stay of children. Agency staff are checked for the absence of a new coronavirus and enteric infections in the center of hygiene and epidemiology, upon receipt of the results of companies will begin the work. All parents who have purchased vouchers, heads of institutions will report the date of opening of the camp," the message reads.

In addition, on 6 July in the region will be fully open kindergartens, which are working in the mode of active-duty groups. The government noted that while all employees who have not worked for a long time, will not pass the test for coronavirus in the medical organizations of the region and not getting results, the Agency could not be opened. The start of work will need to check with the Manager or the Board of education of the municipality. If the group identifies a child with COVID-19, the other sent to a two-week quarantine and examination.

From the 29th of June, work can begin dopobrazovaniya centres and leisure and sport clubs and sections. On Friday, the Kaliningrad authorities have extended the regime of isolation for people aged 65 years and older by place of residence, including garden homes, until July 10. Mask mode is stored in public places.

Only on 27 June COVID-19 surveyed, 85.3 thousand people. 2411 identified cases of infection, 1399 of them recovered, died, 38, remain under medical observation 1532 people.