Expert: China's participation in the Victory parade proves the high level of relations

On red square on June 24, Moscow hosted the Victory Parade, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war. At the invitation of the Russian side, China sent to participate in the event, the delegation and honor guard of the PLA population of 105 soldiers.

Since 1995, military parade dedicated to the Victory Day celebration, it was decided to conduct every year in Russia on may 9. Despite the global pandemic coronavirus, Vladimir Putin took the decision on holding of the military parade on red square on June 24. The date was chosen not casually: on this day in 1945 the Soviet Red Army held the first Parade of Victory in Moscow. Part of the guard of honor of the PLA in this event as it was five years ago, demonstrated a high level of Russian-Chinese relations.

This event was highly praised by the President of the Russian-Chinese analytical center, member of the Russian international Affairs Council Sergey Sanakoev. In an interview with the Media China, he stressed that China and Russia stand shoulder to shoulder playing an increasingly important role in maintaining peace and stability in the world. "It's nice to see when together with Russian troops marched on red square the calculations of other States. It is noteworthy that this year in Russia the profits of the guard of honor of the people's liberation army of China, which for the second time participating in the parade after the debut in 2015. This allows us to be even more confident in the sustainable development of Russian-Chinese relations,"- said Sanakoev.

According to him, 75 years ago, faced with the brutal invaders, the Chinese and Russian peoples joined forces to protect the national dignity and justice. Today, in the face of unprecedented changes in the world, both countries work together to protect peace and stability throughout the world.

Sanakoev stressed that the purpose of the parade is to pay tribute to the fallen in the great Patriotic war and to preserve the memory of the contribution of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazi Germany. It is necessary to defend the truth about the role of the Soviet Union in world war II, he said.

"The victory in the Second world war needs to be declared historical heritage of humanity. Over 75 years in our modern world have maintained peace and stability. Victory in the Second world war, and the truth about her - a precious heritage for all peoples of the world. It is impossible to rewrite and tarnish the story. The distortion of the outcome of world war II will lead to a Third, which will bring huge losses and human casualties. Parade on red square in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory demonstrates the respect for history, will help not to forget the history and not forget who brought the greatest sacrifice to stop the Nazis and defeat," - said Sanakoev.

He said that in recent years, the international situation deteriorated, the tendency of strengthening of the policy of unilateral action. The fact that some countries are in the XXI century "rule" the world with the help of truncheons sanctions and tariffs that too outdated aspiration. Their irresponsible behavior should be condemned by peace-loving people throughout the world.

The participation of the Chinese delegation and honor guard of the PLA in the Victory Parade on red square told about the high level of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction between States and armies of China and Russia, and also showed that both countries are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring international justice, security and stability in the world.

"Russia and China are committed to building a multipolar world, characterized by openness, tolerance and justice. Nominated by both parties ideas on the construction of a community of common destiny of mankind and the Eurasian economic Union respond to the needs of development around the world. I am sure that Russia will make further China's efforts to protect peace and stability in the world," - said Sanakoev.

As stated by the official representative of the foreign Ministry of China, Zhao Lijiang, China is willing, together with Russia and the international community to adhere to the results of the Second world war, speak out against revision of results of war, against attempts to justify acts of aggression. "We will work together to ensure the progress of the high price of peace on our planet", - said the Chinese diplomat.

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