Ulyanovsk medical College to be named volunteer of Anufrievoy

Ulyanovsk medical College will be named volunteer Svetlana Anufrievoy, which, despite the cancer, until recently, worked as a volunteer, said Saturday the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov.

According to all-Russian public movement "Volunteer doctors", 19-the summer student of medical College Svetlana Nurieva from the village Karsun of the Ulyanovsk region carried products the elderly people living alone. In early may, the student felt ill, she was admitted to the hospital, where doctors found the girl with an inoperable cancer of the fourth degree. May 12, Svetlana was discharged from the hospital, and she continued to work as a volunteer, may 31, the girl died.

"I was approached by students and staff of Ulyanovsk medical College with a request to assign the institution name of Svetlana Borisovna Anufrievoy. The girl dreamed of becoming a medical professional. He signed an order on awarding the College its name," Morozov wrote on his page in Instagram.

Yurievo also posthumously awarded the state award. A request on Friday to President Vladimir Putin addressed the volunteers. The head of state said that it will happen. In addition, earlier it was reported that the decree Morozov in the region was established medal "For contribution to the development of volunteer activities name Svetlana Anufrievoy".