The MP commented on the refusal of the Ministry of labour payments for adult children

A member of the Duma Committee on work and social policy Oleg Shein criticized the refusal of the Ministry of labour to extend child benefits to 16 and 17 years, motivated by the fact that teenagers of this age can get a job. The Deputy noted that in this case the level of unemployment in the country will only increase, and children will have to sacrifice studies for the sake of earnings.

Earlier, the Commissioner for rights of the child in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova said that the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation has not supported the idea of extending a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles, for children 16 and 17 years. The labour Ministry has justified the refusal by saying that the teenagers of this age can find a job. The Ombudsman noted that the Council of the Federation and the State Duma the idea of the extension of payments supported.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to support parents with children. He suggested that from April to June to pay 5 thousand rubles for each child under the age of 3 years. For families with children aged 3 to 16 years were provided a lump sum payment in 10 thousand roubles.

"First, we are talking about children, and offer to lower the age of work to 16 years is, to put it mildly, to ask them to sacrifice studies for the sake of earnings. After all, we are interested in educated people in the country. And the second is the country's huge unemployment, and even if you reduce the age of employment to 16 years, that new jobs will appear, we just have to increase the number of unemployed who are not able also to stand on the labour exchange", - said Shein RIA Novosti.

He noted that he had sent a proposal to Putin in may, when the President announced the benefits for children up to 16 years.

The MP stressed that the idea to extend payments for children till 18 years is wide public support among the population, its share of the relevant committees of the Federation Council and state Duma, and expressed the opinion that "if this discussion will continue, this decision is somehow going to be accepted."