Yevtushenkov told about the interest of Amazon to the Russian store Ozon

American Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, interested in the participation in the capital of the Russian Internet shop Ozon, the CEOs held a meeting, told reporters the main owner of AFK "System" (owns about 43% of Ozon) Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Earlier in the AFC said they are considering the possibility of attracting investors in Ozon and did not rule out an IPO of the retailer. In October 2019 Yevtushenkov said that the IPO Internet retailer can pass on the London and Moscow stock exchanges in case of readiness of the company.

"The interest in Ozon foreign investors is very high. I can say that it is the only company in Russia, which considered the Amazon terms of participation and was considered by Softbank. It already says that on the radar is a very important asset. And we are very pleased to have increased the package (Ozon - ed.)" - said Yevtushenko.

"Considered, Yes, even Shulgin (CEO of Ozon - ed) met with Betasom (owner of Amazon), 5-6 months ago, maybe more," he added.

Yevtushenkov said that Ozon is "steps away from profitability and prepared for IPO great." "The question is, when to do it, to achieve the most significant effect. It (the company - ed.) rather strongly developed, and I don't see the trend slowing down" - the businessman added.

He did not comment previously appeared in media reports that Sberbank is negotiating the purchase of a stake in Ozon, and can get about 30% of the shares after the additional issue.

"If (the savings Bank - ed.) wants and will try hard - you'll be able (to buy shares of Ozon - ed.)," said Yevtushenkov, not confirming or denying information about the negotiations with Sberbank.