The head of the EC made a new summit on the theme of anti-crisis Fund

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made the second summit of the EU member States to discuss anti-crisis Fund of the European Union, if we fail to coordinate their positions at the summit on July 17.

"It's good that we finally will have a personal meeting after such a long break. It is impossible to have such big talks in video format. We have to see whether it will be possible to reach agreement on the first attempt ... Or we will achieve this on the first attempt, or you need a second one. In any case, we should work so long as it takes, until you reach a progress. Until then, we can't afford a summer vacation. Europe urgently needs this recovery plan. We are in the deepest crisis since the Second world war," said von der Leyen in an interview with Handelsblatt.

On 27 may the European Commission presented the project of creation of Fund of the EU economy recovery after the pandemic, it will amount to 750 billion euros. They will be focused as a priority on the development of projects and companies that will be able to contribute to the achievement of ideological objectives of the European Commission - to build by 2050, the new EU economy with zero carbon emissions. The full amount of 750 billion euros will be taken by the European Commission to borrow in financial market, you can pay off is expected by the year 2058, which would require the introduction of new taxes and increased contributions from member countries to the EU budget.

Now the creation of this Fund must be approved by member States in the EU Council and the political parties of the European Union in the European Parliament. To ensure the positive response of European politicians to these proposals, the European Commission, since may 28th, conducting daily 2-3 video briefing with the explanation of this program. Them European commissioners talk in detail about the plans for the future distribution of money within their sectors of the economy and social life of the European Union if the Commission's proposal is approved.