The arms embargo will not affect the military potential of Iran, said the IRGC

The arms embargo will not affect the military potential of Iran, said the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC, part of the armed forces of Iran) Hossein salami.

Earlier, the US introduced in the UN security Council a draft resolution on the extension of the arms embargo against Iran, which expires this fall.

"The topic of extending the arms embargo, which put forward a foreign state, will not affect the country's defense" - quoted by the Fars news Agency Sal.

According to him, the current arms embargo against Iran was an opportunity for Iranian experts to meet the needs of the country in the military sphere due to its own potential.

Iran and the six international negotiators in July 2015 reached agreement on the settlement of the longstanding problem of the Iranian atom. Months of negotiations concluded with the adoption of a joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), which is completely removed from Iran's previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU.

The agreement in particular provided that the arms embargo would be withdrawn from Iran within five years, the supply of arms possible before, but only with the permission of the UN security Council. The deal in its original form lived for three years: in may 2018, the United States announced its unilateral withdrawal from her and the restoration of tougher sanctions against Tehran. However, because of the formal deal came only USA, the rest of the participants must comply with a condition on the abolition of the arms embargo.