The military has built five bridges in the Tula region

The Russian military ahead of schedule built five bridges in the Tula region, reported on Saturday, Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov.

"In connection with the appeal of the Governor of the Tula region by decision of the Minister of defense of Russia in the period from 28 may to 24 Jun built five highway bridges that restored transport links between the socially significant objects and regions of area. All bridges built ahead of schedule," – said Bulgakov, quoted by the press service of the defense Ministry.

Clarifies that on Saturday held the Grand opening of the longest of the new bridges it is located in Odoevskiy area. The new bridge through the river UPA built instead of emergency wood, its length was 84 meters. With his help, managed to restore transport links between settlements Zavalova, Prudki, Rozhdestveno and Kosulino. The total length of all five bridges is 216 meters.

The bridges were built as part of the tactical-special exercises with units of the bridge ZVO. Load capacity of each bridge is at least 50 tons, service life– 50 years.

As noted by the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin, in places where new bridges built earlier in the period of spring flood due to flooding, local residents were often cut off from major settlements.

"Thanks to the Ministry of defense of Russia for the help. 2018 all soldiers in the region built 14 bridges. This has improved accessibility for the more than seven thousand of our inhabitants of the 36 settlements," added Dyumin, quoted by the war Department.