Nur-Sultan once again flooded after a rain

The capital of Kazakhstan Nur Sultan re-flooded after the rain, in the aftermath of the shower involved 140 units of special equipment, reported RIA Novosti on Saturday, the press service of akimat (administration) of the city.

In the night from Friday to Saturday in Nur-Sultan was a heavy rain, a number of streets flooded with water. This is the third heavy rain over the last month, the city authorities have had to pump water from flooded streets.

"Involved 140 units of special equipment, evacuated more than 20 thousand cubic meters of rainwater", - told RIA Novosti employee of the administration.

The administration reported that the Imanov street flooded this time is particularly strong, because the neighborhood Youth are working on the construction of drainages. The construction will be fully completed in 2021.

In April and may a number of streets were flooded as a result of rain. Previously, some users of social networks ironically called the capital of "Nur-Venice". Compared the capital of Kazakhstan with Venice and the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. In 2016 during a meeting on the development of the capital, Nazarbayev asked to see pictures of the city after the rain, the footage was seen flooded streets. "Venice or something?!" - was indignant then Nazarbayev, proposing to provide the capital with power boats, if the city authorities are unable to resolve this issue. The President then promised that the problems with the storm sewer will eliminate.