The expert commented on the fakes about Russia and Afghanistan in the American media

The emergence of fake news about Russia and Afghanistan in the American media - an attempt to exert psychological influence on the Russian diplomats and to interfere with their work, so in the spirit of the cold war, says former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Sergey Ordzhonikidze.

Previously, the newspaper the New York Times, citing an unnamed us intelligence officials published an article in which asserted that military intelligence of the Russian Federation allegedly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. No evidence was provided. The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded from the authorities an adequate response to the threats made to the diplomats because of false news about Russia and Afghanistan.

"This is typical of the spirit of the cold war. This is due primarily to the attempt to exert psychological influence on our diplomats by intimidation, threats, all kinds of some of the fakes on the basis of complete fabrications. The main thing is to hinder the work of our diplomats. This is standard procedure of the American counterintelligence to do everything it is possible to people, specifically in this case, the diplomats who work for the United States, to hold him, as they put it, off balance, that is, in a state of uncertainty, fear, tapovanam in short," said Ordzhonikidze RIA Novosti.

He noted that the same methods the US used in the 70-ies of the last century during the cold war. "To obstruct the work of our diplomats for objective coverage of events in the host country, in this case in the United States. Of course, using doing all kinds of fakes, flimsy against our country", - said the expert.

According to Ordzhonikidze, the US authorities will not follow a serious response to a request of the Russian Embassy.

"They will not do anything, not to react, say "private edition written and everything, and we nothing to do with it". We know these things. A private edition is always written, as a rule, especially the New York Times, under the dictation of the FBI regarding the activities of our diplomats," he said.

He added that the Americans have always only understand the opposition, "when he is well satisfied in Moscow, and then they understand and stop the pressure".

"I think that our diplomats were ready, they expected it to be met head-on what is called", - concluded the expert.