In the infectious diseases hospital №2 in Moscow from COVID-19 treated 116 patients

Treatment in infectious clinical hospital №2 in Moscow there are 502 students, from 116 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus, said the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Krasnova.

"In the hospital, 502 people (including 8 in the ICU), of which 185 people suspected COVID/116 cases confirmed by laboratory, including: children, 9/8, 8/8 pregnant, childbirth and postpartum, 8/7 man in the surgical ward, 4/4 patient in the ICU (on mechanical ventilation - 1)", - she said in Facebook.

Krasnov added that the hospital admitted 38 people, 10 of them with the coronavirus. Issued 103 persons, 26 of them with recovery at COVID-19.

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