Some banks will allow you to use expired cards after July 1,

Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the background of the easing of restrictions coronavirus decided not to renew its recommendation on the admission of banks cards with the expired period of validity of the credit organization will cease to serve from 1 July. However, the survey showed RIA Novosti, not all banks are going to dramatically finish accepting expired "plastic": they believe that customers need to allow additional time to exchange an outdated card to a new one.

ROSBANK plans to extend the validity of cards of their customers for another month after the end of the basic term. Promsvyazbank in July, will continue to serve cards, the validity of which expired in March, April and may (of the order of 80 thousand cards). Transactions via these cards can be made until August 1.

VTB decided to extend the validity of cards with the expired period of validity until 31 August 2020. The Bank stressed that even with the easing of restrictive measures and stabilization of the epidemiological situation clients should be more time to pick up a new card at the office. Credit Bank of Moscow extends the service card before the 1st of September, Raiffeisenbank and the Bank "House.Of the Russian Federation" - to the end of September.

However, some banks still decided from the beginning of July to stop servicing old cards. Novikombank, for example, believe that long-lasting service cards with the expired period of action carries a high risk of their misuse for fraudulent purposes.

The largest Bank of the Crimea, RNCB, too, will extend the validity of cards. The termination of service cards, extended earlier, will be gradual, said the credit institution. "Russian Standard" extended service cards expired until June, but, as noted in the Bank, now the relevance of this service falls on the background of the abolition of restrictions. To renew the card, do not plan in Gazprombank "Open" and "Tinkoff Bank". In "Tinkoff" explained that customers who have expired cards, reissued cards and brought to a convenient place and time in the future the Bank will do the same.