Alaska found new fragments of the remains of those killed in the crash

The military has learned in the framework of excavations at colony glacier, North of anchorage, Alaska, about 480 bags with fragments of the remains of those killed in a plane crash in 1952, reports the associated Press.

22 November 1952 there was a major plane crash outside anchorage. Military aircraft C-124 Globemaster, was flying from Washington state to Alaska, crashed into a mountain Gannett. Killing 41 passengers and 11 crew members. At that time the remains of the dead could not be retrieved, and the plane together with all its contents gradually fell to the foot of the mountain, where eventually became part of the glacier. About accident actually forgotten, while military training mission have not found a yellow life raft in the glacier. In 2012, work began on the sweep of the glacier in search of human remains and wreckage.

Among the things found in this month on the glacier colony, where he continued the annual search for the human remains and the wreckage of the crashed plane, was a figure of Buddha, flight suit, a few truhanovich stamps, crumpled the schedule of masses at St Patrick's Church in Washington.

As reported on Friday, military officials at a press conference at joint base "joint base Elmendorf-Richardson" in anchorage, the goal is to identify and return the remains of all aboard C-124. They seek to identify as many soldiers, while the wreckage will not fall into lake George.

To date, were identified the remains of all but nine aboard. According to the chief of the division of planning and preparedness in the management of funeral actions of the air force at the air force base in Dover Shelby Yoakum, perhaps in search of there were only a few years.