Medical center in Pskov erected a military, to build a railway in Murmansk

Multifunctional medical center in Pskov erected a soldiers who built the railway to bypass the collapsed bridge near Murmansk, said the defense Ministry.

Previously, the Bulletin of the military Department reported that the defense Ministry of Russia on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin erected two medical centers in the 200 and 100 beds in Pskov and Velikiye Luki.

"The battalion of the mechanical connection of the railway troops of the Western military district (ZVO), by March rail length of about 1,500 kilometers from the Murmansk region, where he performed the task of restoration of railway communication in connection with the collapse of the railway bridge across the Kola river, arrived in Pskov, and began the first phase of site preparation for the construction", - stated in the message of the defense Ministry.

It is noted that in Velikie Luki arrived military personnel and equipment of railway troops of the WMD from Bryansk, having made a March on a regular technique of over 500 kilometers.

The report said that the work in Pskov and Velikiye Luki brought about 50 soldiers and 30 pieces of special military equipment.

In early June, the collapsed span of the railway bridge on the stretch of the stake - the Output of the Murmansk branch of the October railway, a branch of which was connected to Murmansk with the rest of Russia. The specialists of railway and engineering forces of the West railway line was built to bypass the bridge.