Media reported about the interest of India for the purchase of tanks "Armata"

India is considering the purchase of Russian tanks on the platform "Armata", according to the Ministry of defense TV channel "Zvezda" referring to a source in the military-industrial complex.

As said the interlocutor of the channel, preparations for the export of "Armata". The issue, of the equipment of modern tanks can remain in the export version, and that — no, the source added.

That India may acquire 1770 promising combat vehicles (FRCV) to replace the ageing main battle tanks T-72, in October 2018, reported Indian newspaper The Economic Times. The deal is estimated at a total of more than $ 4.5 billion.

T-14 — the world's third postwar generation tank. Tank "Armata" is designed for combat in close contact with the enemy, support offensive infantry units, fortifications, enemy personnel located in shelters and in the open countryside.