The expert explained which hotels on the Black sea will rise the most

Hotels black sea coast, the 4-5 stars are most in demand among the wealthy tourists who used to vacation abroad, but because of the pandemic in the current year can not go to foreign resorts, so expensive hotels in Russia this year will grow more than the rest, told RIA Novosti CEO network of travel agencies "Pink elephant" Alexan Mkrtchyan.

According to him, the numbers in Sochi, which cost 10 thousand rubles a day, now already available for 15 thousand rubles, that is the hotel above the average of the class prices have increased to 50%. And many of the hotels already announced to stop sales.

He also noted that the resorts of Krasnodar region and the Crimea are preparing for the unusual influx of tourists from remote regions of Russia, who also prefer a comfortable stay. "Tourists from the Far East, first went to the resorts of the Crimea and Krasnodar region, because for them due to the restrictive measures related to the coronavirus, now become inaccessible traditional areas - China, Thailand, Korea and Japan," - said the expert.

"Prices for quality hotel on the Black sea are growing. The cost remains the same at aunt Tanya in Arkhipo-Osipovka. She sold the beds for 500 rubles a day, and sells. As her customers from year to year went to aunt Tanya, but not in Turkey," - said Mkrtchyan.

To benefit from the situation, he said, will be companies that foresaw this development and have booked the room in the most sought after hotels in spring: then they can be booked in two times less, subject to full payment. However, according to him, the majority of tour operators did not dare or did not think to do so, so now their terms they dictate hoteliers.