Rosturizm intends to increase the number of available holiday destinations

The Federal Agency for tourism is working to increase the number of affordable holiday destinations in Russia, told journalists the head of Department Zarina doguzova.

She noted that Rosturizm recommends for this season of the Volga regions of Tatarstan, Tver, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod region, where, according to Doguzova, there are great opportunities for active and water kinds of entertainment. The Northern regions of Karelia with its lakes, Murmansk oblast, Vologda, Komi, too, could be of interest to Russian tourists, as well as the Caucasus and the far East.

"Russkaya Baltika, Kaliningrad oblast is a novelty of this season. This is an incredible opportunity to combine resort, beaches very comfortable with cultural and educational opportunities in the region and ecological types of tourism is the Curonian spit," said doguzova.

According to her, this season the Federal Agency for tourism with a number of tour operators launched available Charter destinations on lake Baikal and for the first time, charters are run this year in Khakassia.