In the Peruvian churches are introducing new rules

The Ministers of the Church in Peru will have to temporarily abandon the use of Holy water, the kissing of images and change the process of the sacrament, it follows from the Protocol developed by the conference of bishops in Peru for religious activities.

These measures will take effect after the lifting of the quarantine in the country.

According to the Protocol, which publishes Agency Andina, people in risk categories, should not visit the temples. In the churches themselves will be allowed to gather only a third of the previous number of parishioners.

Near the entrance will need to place a Mat soaked in disinfectant, the parishioners must wash their hands with soap and water or clean them with an antibacterial agent, the premises of the temple should be regularly washed and aired.

Priests and Ministers of the Church will be required to use a mask and wash hands after the ceremonies.